After much thought I've decided to do a fashion post!

...Ya its not really me, but I thought I'd give everyone an idea about abayas in the Middle East, more specifically in Oman. I've been back visiting my parents in Oman for almost a year, and insha'allah next month it will be time for me to move on to Riyadh. Before I leave in a couple weeks for my walima, I've decided to take pictures of some of the abayas that I've bought recently and post em up along with a brief description of their origin, name and style. So here it goes!

1) This first one is an abaya that I've designed recently. It's made in Oman and it has a Chinese collar, button down front and made from a shiny satin material. Its front and back are plain but the sleeves have embellishments. I've had them make 2 sleeves, one inner plain, fitted sleeve and an outer one which has crystals on the inside and also a bell shape to it. I've included a second picture of just the sleeve to give u a better idea. I also have buttons to close the outer sleeves if I don't want them to show too much. The sleeves have a single silver tassel and so does one corner of the shaila.

2) This second one is an abaya that I bought at the Omani Souk, and its a Bahraini style abaya that's very popular here, its called a Bhisht. Its similar to the farasha style that was popular earlier. Its also made from a satin material, and it has embellishments on the waist and cuffs of the sleeves. It also has a hidden waist band that you can tie under the abaya to give it some shape if you like.

3) This abaya is new Omani style that's really famous here amongst the girls. It's called a "balloon" abaya. I bought it ready-made because it's apparently a bit complicated to stitch. It's one of my favorite styles of abayas as well. I've included an up-close picture of the neck area to show how it's stitched to give it such a beautiful shape. It's plain except for a simple lace around the cuffs of the sleeves and the bottom of the abaya, which I added after I bought it.

4) This is an abaya from Dubai. I'm not sure if there's a name for this style, or if it's typically Emirati, but I really liked it when i saw it. It has a plain front and back, with a small neck opening. The sleeves are really pretty, an inner fitted sleeve and an outer flared sleeve.
The part I like best is the back of it; it has 2 outer folds that come together at the centre of your back, to be tied together based on how you'd like it to look. I'd also like to note that this is a loose fitting abaya, so no matter how tightly its tied, it doesn't show your shape or accentuate any curves because its simply too loose, it just adds a train-like effect to the back of the abaya to make it look more flowing.
The front:

The back:

5) This is actually a jilbab that I bought from Toronto before I left. Its one of my favorite ones and is a beautiful aubergine color. It has 2 layers, an inner layer that's closed, and an outer layer that has slits on either side going down the length of the jilbab. It has a very pretty embroidery pattern on both sides and on the cuffs as well. Its originally Jordanian.

6) Here's another Bhisht, Bahraini style abaya that I purchased from Dubai. In this you can see the waist band very clearly as I've left the abaya completely plain except for a line of crystals on either length of it, and on the cuffs of the sleeves. The waist band lifts up the front of the abaya about an inch so the front becomes shorter than the back, when its tied.

7) Last but not least, here's an abaya I bought from Abu Dhabi a while ago. It has got a Chinese collar and plain button down front, but the back of it features a strip of textured cloth that goes, in a single stripe, down the back of the abaya. I also has a matching stripe on the sleeves and the edge of the shaila.

Hope you enjoyed my lil fashion post, lemme know what u thought!
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36 Responses
  1. NiDa Says:

    wow sis mashaAllah dey look BEAUTIFULLLLLL!!! :D:D:D!! I was going to share mine too inshaAllah soon - mine are not that gorges tho lol very simple :)!

  2. *~Ange~* Says:

    ok they are VERY pretty and i am VERY jealous..

    sooo nice.. i want some! especially those glam satin ones

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I LOVE that second abaya...I'm in the U.S., do you know how or where I can get one like it?:)

  4. kakchik Says:

    Assalamualaikum Sis.

    Oh, you are so lucky! I love all your abayas. I wish I could have all of them or 1 or 2 would be ok too. I love abaya too but it's not common in my country. We have regular jilbab or we called jubah but finding good and gorgeous abaya is not easy. There are boutiques selling them but the price has sky-rocketing because they were imported from the Middle East.
    Do you mind if I copy your abayas' images to Polyvore?

    BTW, I'm blog hopping from ange - ammena - ... - you.

    Salam from Malaysia

  5. M.J. Says:

    woooow masAllah girl!!! these are all absolutely gorgeous!! you have impeccable taste :)

  6. Mev Says:

    @ NiDa - Thanks so much :) I'm so glad u liked em, its kinda hard to tell if they look good coz there so many different styles n types out there, its really nice to get positive feedback from others!

    @ Ange - Thanks for ur comments, I wish there was a way to send these types of abayas to the West, coz I'm sure everyone would love to get their hands on them.

    @ Halal Honey - I'll see if i can find a store that sends these abayas to the US, if I can't then I wouldn't mind shipping you a couple to the US if you're interested. Lemme know if that's feasible.

    @ kakchick - u can copy my abayas to polyvore, its not a problem with me. if you can link back to my blog then that would be nice, but if not than its ok too. Abaya prices are pretty high even in the middle east, so that's why people end up making their own styles.

    @ M.J - Awww, thanks so much sis! I really appreciate ur comments :)


  7. stylomom Says:

    Salam Sis...I love all these abayas,please send me some..I like the one with the tieback, the satin glamourous ones... soo nice mashallah.. will you be able to send me these? By the way are they way too expensive? They do look expensive. Cheers!
    Warwick, UK

  8. M.J. Says:

    Oooh you might be able to ship some? Let me know too if some stores will ship to the US, but if not and the shipping offer is extended to me as well, I'd looooooove to inshAllah get something in a little while as well. You're really so lucky to have such beautiful abayas available where you are masAllah!! They're all wonderful but styles 1-3 are so, so pretty! If you can let me know about the shipping either from you or the stores, whenever you get a chance, please send me an email at

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Mev: Wow, I'd love that! Just let me know if you can, the specific style I'd want is abaya #2 (the bhisht one were I can cinch in the waist a bit), so yea..let me know:). Oh, and I really only wear all black, is it possible you can find me an abaya styled like #2 in all black? Also, please let me know the price and shipping cost. My email is: Thank you sister!

  10. masha'allah I love the balloon one and the last pic.. nice :) how are things going for the move sis? insha'allah Ill come visit, cant believe how long its been since I last saw you.. and so many things have changes. So will we get pics of the new apartment? u still in touch with Nadia?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    the abayas are lovely- you really do not get these varieties in riyadh

  12. Pixie Says:

    As salaam alaykom: don't you love abaya shopping in Oman?


    p.s. my fav. one is the last one simple yet chic!

  14. I love them all mashaAllah!! You have wonderful taste sis!

  15. KakChik Says:

    thank you sis and mabruk for your walimah.

  16. Aisha Says:

    Wow these abayas are gorgeous!!! Is there any chance i can order them from you? I'm from England Email me please at Thanksxxx

  17. fatheha Says:

    salaam:) i love these abayas! im from england, would you be willing to ship out to me?? i love no.3 and no.4. please drop me an email about price etc. jazakAllahu khaira!!! :)

  18. kakchik Says:

    Assalamualaikum Mev. How's life in Riyadh? I hope everything is good and your life there would be full of happiness. I'm here to inform you that an acquaintance of mine is very interested in buying 2 abayas like the one you have. She's from Indonesia but currently studying in Taiwan. I've given your link to her so that she can contact you herself. Her name is Aini Farmania or just Farma.

  19. Asra Says:


    I am in love with the 3rd style - the Omani "balloon" one. Does it give that A-line flow? Is there anyway of getting it to Australia? It's so hard to find elegant styles here, I've never seen any of the above styles except in the UAE :(


  20. deafenin.... Says:

    Hey sis:) Assalamualaikum:)

    all the abayas look very gud mashaAllah :)..

    i was wondering ...if the abyas which have a fitted sleeve from inside and a loose one from such designs have overall 2 layer? i mean how is the inner sleeve attached? i asked this question since the body and sleeve of abaya are continuous and i want to know/ learn how the inner sleeve is intact ....please reply:)

    take care

    keep up your amaazing work :)

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I have been trying to track down the "balloon" abaya from when I saw a lady wearing one on holiday.

    Where did you get yours from, I can't seem to find it on any stores onlie, has it got another name too?

    JazakAllah for your help!

  22. Anonymous Says:

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  23. NUR Says:

    MasyaAllah... all are beautiful. Any chance if u can help me to buy one or two. So far I couldnt find like yours from online stores. I buy my abaya from online stores.
    Jazakallah khayran.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Jazakallah for the wonderful blog.Here in South Africa, especially Jo'burg, the affluent muslims spend loads on gorgeous abayas and accessorise them with stunning shoes, handbags, scarf accessories and the works!i wonder if there are such fads in other countries?its good to know that muslimas are not shy to express their muslim identity but i must say, the current super-fashionable abayas hold such an appeal that it does no longer take lotsa guts to be proud of one's muslim identity.keep up the great work!

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  31. Maya Says:

    Assalamu'alaikum Mev...

    u have such a wonderfull abaya....
    i really like your taste of abaya fashion style...

    nice to know u


  32. Maya Says:

    Assalamu'alaikum Mev

    I Really love your abaya collection.....
    U have such a beautifull abaya
    Nice to know u Mev


  33. Anonymous Says:

    Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel

  34. Anonymous Says:



  35. syeda Says:

    hey sister i really liked your baloon abaya
    can you tell me how can i buy one like this piece or pattern

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Sis I really love the bahraini style abaya, think its number3.. the one thats called a bhisht.. where can i purchase one of these ? xx