I know I've been away for a while and its mainly because I've been extremely busy. I'm on a short vacation in Oman, visiting my parents and sister, and tonight Insha'allah I'll be flying to Canada for a much awaited summer holiday. I should be staying in Mississauga for the most part, and Inshallah a week in Vancouver, perhaps a weekend in Ottawa. I'm quite excited since I have a direct flight (thank you Etihad airways). The best part is that I'll be reuniting with my old friends, and doing all those things that I loved doing these past 8 years in Toronto. This year it'll be different since I'll be sharing all those things with my husband (my new BFF) and I'm sure that we'll have an amazing time Inshallah.
I'll try to do a couple of posts from Canada but I can't guarantee anything.
I do hope everyone's having a wonderful summer Inshallah.

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