As promised, here are some of the pictures that I took on my trips around the GCC including my latest Umrah trip.
Hope you like em :)

Strange, large fish at Dubai Aquarium

Fish kissing shark? Or heading for collision
Madinat Jumeira at night
Driving through Dubai
Road to from Dubai to Oman going to Muscat Marina
view of the Marina
On the speedboat, heading out
A dolphin fin emerging from the water
Private Island beaches in Muscat
hotel resort on the sea shore
Old Nizwa fort
Falaj (irrigation) systems
Ruins of an old village in near Nizwa
Wadi running through mountains
From the top of Jebal Shams
Beautiful mosque in Abu Dhabi

In front of one of the gates
Friday afternoon at the Ka’ba
The Ka’ba at Asr time
Close up
Crowds gathering for Maghrib salah
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6 Responses
  1. Cecilia Says:

    masha´allah! what beautiful pics

  2. Nevin Says:

    Salam Alaykum sister, what a wonderful blog you have! Keep up the great work! People like you, inspire me to get out there and do something in my life [and to keep on writing in my blog!] lol well done :)

  3. Habayeb Says:

    Masha'allah lovely pics! Btw, ive always been told one cant take pics in the haram, is that true?...did u take it openly or secretly? I pray i get to go for Umrah and Hajj one day.Ameen.

  4. lol.. do we have to guess whos the black and white figures?? :P

  5. Lisa Says:

    Oh I just love the road driving through Dubai! I think it's my favorite here. And the fish, wow! I am so glad you got to make it to hajj. You sound at peace and much better off now than a few months ago sweetie.

  6. Mev Says:

    Thanks for the comments.
    Nevin: thanks fr dropping by my blog n I'm sure that Inshallah, you can make ur blog even better than mine!

    Habayeb: Its true that some ppl don't like pictures being taken in the haram, but its not an enforced rule and most of the ppl take pictures in the open. I took pictures in the open myself. Inshallah u'll get to go fr hajj/umrah very soon. :)

    Ammena: LOL ya, i was gonna leave em but then i remembered all those weirdo stalker fetish ppl n i decided against it.

    Lisa: Appreciate the comment Sis, Alhamdulillah i'm really happy i managed to make it, altho it wasn't the big hajj, it was a smaller hajj, also called Umrah. Inshallah i'll be going down fr the main hajj this year! I do feel like I've been cleansed internally... I was havin a lot of issues b4 that've been sorted out now, alhamdulillah, so ya, I am at peace :D