A view from the Dhow as we cruised along the creek.
Another view of the creek side. The entrance of Atlantis Hotel in Palm Jumeira
another view of Atlantis Hotel
Festival City Mall, this is a view from the canal that runs outside it
Another view from the Canal by Festival City Mall
This is the view of the Burj al Arab hotel, from Madinatul Jumeira, which is right behind it.
Inside the Medinatul Jumeira Souk, I luv the beautiful architecture!
This is the Gold Souk which is located in the Dubai Mall, near the aquarium.
A view of the Gold Souk from the center, this is the meet up point, where there's always a live band playing and a nice cafe.
The Aquarium at Dubai Mall, this is a view from the outside.
A friendly shark swims past me in the tunnel of the Aquarium in Dubai Mall.
This is in Tunisia, a part of Ibn Battuta Mall
This is in Egypt, another part of Ibn Battuta Mall
This is the central dome in Persia, again in Ibn Battuta Mall.
The outside of Ibn Battuta mall, this picture shows the blue rocket trains that are being currently built around the city to accomodate the requirements of public transport. The trains aren't functional, as the tracks and stations haven't been completed yet.
Here's the inside of Mall of the Emirates, which shows the indoor ski resort

Another view of the ski resort, complete with Xmas trees and a ski-lift.
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  1. mashallah great pics I am so jalous I would like to go to the U.A.E ONCE AGIAN!!

  2. *~Ange~* Says:

    ooo u look so cute in all black

  3. Habayeb Says:

    salaam! i stay in Dubai and wow gr8 pics...ive been to the dubai mall but cudnt get into the Aquarium since there was too much rush during Eid. also i have yet to check out the festival city!

  4. Umm Hibaat Says:

    Ma sha Allah, great pics sis!